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Scrum retrospective and its importance

scrum retrospective

Scrum retrospective is a look back. Especially in politics, but also in marketing and many other areas, agile retrospectives are of great value. But what are the benefits of retrospective meetings in the company at all, and what happens during agile retrospectives? We at IFAAI answer these questions here. What is an agile retrospective? Retrospectives […]

Meaning of SME


The meaning of SME: definitions, examples and more What is the meaning of SME? In the modern world of work, some work and management techniques have now become established though they were not taught in training or studies. Instead, these were learned in the context of company training opportunities and subsequent use in practice. Since […]

What is agility?

What is agility

The term agility is used to only describe “the ability to move quickly from one place to another”. In this context agility is used in a sport environment and still applied there as well. Here agility is something, that helps you achieve a healthy and fit body through balance, coordination, speed and strength. But what […]

Agility benefits

Agility benefits

Digitalisation enables companies and global players to react extremely fast and flexible to developments of any kind. This means that projects need to be adapted throughout their entire course and trends must be taken into consideration quickly so that the project’s progress can be ensured. Agility, or more precisely agile project management, is a key […]