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Scrum retrospective and its importance

scrum retrospective

Scrum retrospective is a look back. Especially in politics, but also in marketing and many other areas, agile retrospectives are of great value. But what are the benefits of retrospective meetings in the company at all, and what happens during agile retrospectives? We at IFAAI answer these questions here. What is an agile retrospective? Retrospectives […]

Efficient business


Efficient business: Why efficiency is key Entrepreneurs are always discussing how to make work processes more efficient. A high degree of business efficiency is an essential part of modern business. In this article, we explain the importance of efficiency in business and what makes an efficient business. Modern business – Importance of efficiency in the […]

Pomodoro Technique


Pomodoro technique for more productivity Productivity is arguably the essential ingredient for a successful business. Without productivity, deadlines are not met, customers and partners are not satisfied and products are not produced. But how can productivity be increased in a targeted way? Learn all about the Pomodoro technique and its importance for modern companies. What […]

Kanban method


Kanban method: Management method with Japanese origin If you are working in a big company, it’s unlikely that you may not have heard about Kanban. Either you may have had indirect contact with colleagues that were using this method, or you may just have heard the expression “Kanban”. Once developed in Japan by Taiichi Ohno […]

Agile Project Management


Agile project management: Manage a project successfully Agile project management methods have their origin in companies and teams that develop software for different kinds of customers. As producing a digital product such as a software is different from other development-processes classic methods needed to be refreshed. This was more than necessary, because agile project management […]

Kanban tips


Kanban tips for your Kanban exam preparation There are only a few working and management methods that are known worldwide. The ability to master one of these methods is sometimes a sought-after additional qualification that can offer a career advantage not only in job applications, but also in the context of internal training. One of […]

Scrum Tips


Scrum Tips deployment: Knowledge as an important foundation Project work is becoming increasingly important in many companies. Thus, project work is considered an innovative and efficient way to find solutions or develop innovations. However, this is not a foregone conclusion, because the focus on projects also requires knowledge in the field of project management. A […]

Tips for OKR

tips for okr

Tips for OKR for practice: getting the most out of it Today’s business environment is significantly shaped by digitalisation and globalisation. Digitalisation and globalisation can mean many advantages for individuals and companies, but at the same time they are also associated with risks. In digital and global markets, for example, the competitive situation is extremely […]