Kanban Coach Certification 

Companies today need to manage multiple projects in a complex environment. Kanban ensures that workload, deadlines and progress are made transparent. With this certification, you demonstrate that you have mastered the core of Kanban and can support teams in the implementation of this important agile methodology.


Comptence based

Practice oriented

Agnostic Agile

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Target Group: For anyone in a professional agile environment managing multiple complex projects

No. But strongly recommend to take an Kanban Coach class with one of our partners. The examination it self is based on the compentencies which you can find below.

This exam is a multiple choice online exam. Every question has just one correct answer. You can start one every time 24/7, just make sure you have an enviroment with good internet connection and a quite place for you to take the examination.

You can you all of the notes and trainings materials that you have.

You need 70% correct answers to pass this exam.

The timelimit for this examination is 60 minutes. After the timelimit the exam process will terminated automatically.

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Kanban Coach Content & Competencies

Kanban Coach Competence structure


Skill set




  • Values & Principles
  • Agile Methods & Practices
  • Agnostic Agile
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Events & Rituals
  • MVP & Prototyping

All of our certifications and exams are designed on the basis of our compentency model. Find out more about our competencies and how our competency model works.

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Professional and certified: when it comes to Kanban Coach Certifications, you are at the right address

In project management, success simply depends on who holds the reins and is prepared to accept new and better solutions. Therefore, project managers and other decisions often rely on personal training such as the Kanban Coach. Methods such as Kanban promise real success, but if you want to become a Certified Kanban Coach, you probably know that already.
Therefore you should rely on TrueAgile: Kanban is an agile tool in the project world, with quite extensive and loose application references, which can be implemented every time anew. Here, embellishing the whole thing with an agile and proven framework such as the Kanban Coach is a great advantage that will pay off for a long time. Therefore we train certified and recognized with a high demand on ourselves and our customers to transform you into a Certified Kanban Coach.

While becoming a Kanban Coach you can do something for your CV and your skills

Who wants to make a real difference, counts on us as Kanban Coach Trainer and educates himself further to carry this certification. If you are professionally involved in projects, you don’t have to adorn your CV with a worthless certificate. The worldwide recognition of the Kanban Coach certificate paired with our excellent reputation will convince every client and give you the opportunity to use Kanban in practice soon. Agility, innovative ability and the many positive consequences of improved project management are among the pleasant consequences for you.

Additional certificates for the individual CV available directly from TrueAgile

Project management skills are by no means innate. There are always people who bring good skills with them, but their own further education and the opportunities to educate themselves and others remain available. Our Kanban Coaching is therefore only one of many possibilities how you can grind your individual CV in project management. Take a look at our offer and find out why we stand for agility and excellence and further information about us and our company.