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We believe that true agility does not only depend on the simple application of certain agile methods. Rather, it is the context-dependent application of agile values and principles that is significantly the basis of true agility. With the Agile Practitioner certification, you are embarking on the path to your true agility. Get started today and show that you have what it takes to be an Agile Practitioner.

Comptence based

Practice oriented

Agnostic Agile

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Target Group: For anyone in a professional agile environment looking across methodologies and beyond a single agile team

No. But strongly recommend to take the practitioner masterclass upfront. The examination it self is based on the compentencies which you can find below.

This exam is a multiple choice online exam. Every question has just one correct answer. You can start one every time 24/7, just make sure you have an enviroment with good internet connection and a quite place for you to take the examination.

You can you all of the notes and trainings materials that you have.

You need 70% correct answers to pass this exam.

The timelimit for this examination is 15 minutes. After the timelimit the exam process will terminated automatically.

For the practitioner Exam there is no simulation. You are allowed to retake this exam as often as needed.

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Agile Practitioner Content & Competencies

Agile Practitioner competence structure


Skill set




  • Values & Principles
  • Agile Methods & Practices
  • Agnostic Agile

All of our certifications and exams are designed on the basis of our compentency model. Find out more about our competencies and how our competency model works.

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Decisions are made in the design phase: that’s where our training for Agile Coaching comes in

If, for example, the product level is considered, the design decides on a variety of factors. It is all about efficiency, resource utilization, marketing opportunities, practicability and about further developed steps such as the possibility of disassembling products. Design plays a role not only in physical products, but also in more abstract thought constructs, as well as in digital offerings and other services.
Learning and disseminating excellence: Innovative thinking and a look beyond the previous ideal paths is therefore an absolute success factor. This can not only be learnt by oneself but can also be disseminated further. This is exactly where our training for Agile Coaching comes in because we will train you to become a certified Agile Coach. Our goal is nothing less than excellence and therefore, if you have strong career ambitions, TrueAgile and its Agile Coach is the right place for you.

Two different levels of our Agile Coaching are available and offer the possibility of reliable certification

In order for you to be recognized as a Agile Coach and to be able to market and use this newly acquired Agile coaching skill to your advantage in the marketplace, it is important that you have something countable. And this is where our certification of the Agile Coach comes in. It means that you can use your newly acquired skills in practice, worldwide. But we understand that there are many different demands as a Agile Coach

In just a few steps you can achieve the prestigious certification thanks to us as a Agile Coach

We want our Agile Coach certifications to be worth something. That is why the standardized certifications have certain requirements which must be met. To ensure that you really learn something and don’t just get a title you don’t deserve, we support you in detail – and in advance. In the following three steps, you will become a Agile Coach with us:
• Our Playbook: Our guide to Agile is comprehensive, informative and designed for real training. Read and study it, lay the foundation.
• Exam Simulation: We don’t throw you in at the deep end, so we don’t just prepare you in terms of content, but also offer an introduction to the format thanks to the sample exam.
• Official DTC Exam: The logical last step towards becoming a Agile Coach is to take and pass the DTC Exam.

Worldwide recognition and much more: TrueAgile Agile Coachings are worth it

TrueAgile is the right address for you to become a Agile Coach, because you can benefit from worldwide recognized certifications and a variety of other advantages. These complement every CV perfectly, provide further education and can be combined with other offers from IFAAI, e.g. Scrum Master or the Kanban Coach. So don’t wait any longer and focus on our trainings to become a Agile Coach with excellence in focus.