What is agility?

What is agility

The term agility is used to only describe “the ability to move quickly from one place to another”. In this context agility is used in a sport environment and still applied there as well. Here agility is something, that helps you achieve a healthy and fit body through balance, coordination, speed and strength.

But what is the definition of agility in a business and work environment? Here agility refers to being innovative and stepping further than the traditional approaches we are used to. Doing this becomes more and more important as time goes on. In todays connected societies and economies there is constant and rapid change.

To cope with this, members and leaders of companies and organizations need to become more agile. This helps them changing with their surroundings and adapting quickly to new challenges of any kind, internal as well as external ones.

Making use of agility therefore helps to stay on the customers demands and be flexible when reacting to them. But it is not just useful for business men and women – No matter your position and status in the economy, agility manages to change every aspect of one’s life. The results of this are clearly visible and couldn’t be any better.

In the following we will deepen our understanding of what agility is and why it is important.

What is agility and its mindset? 

“Agile is a corporate capability to be able to achieve the Agile benefits.” – Arie van Bennekum

What is the meaning of agility? The agile alliance defines it as the ability, to deal with and succeed in turbulent and uncertain environments by creating and responding to change. This ability has been embraced by countless people, businesses and organizations globally by now. The goal behind all this is always to drive change across the workforce as well as all the leadership structures.

Agility is constituted by the following cornerstones:

  • Agility is a mindset
  • Agility is described by four values
  • Agility is described by twelve principles
  • Agility can be demonstrated in every practice and circumstance

What is the mindset behind agility? 

There are two mindsets towards our own abilities, that humans can hold: The fixed and the agile mindset. The fixed mindset dictates, that every human being hast a limited amount of intelligence and talent and there is nothing we can do to move that limit.

Fixed Mindset goals:

  • Avoiding failure
  • Avoiding challenges
  • No change and improvements

What does agility consider to be the only good mindset? The agile or growth mindset – Here us humans are born with certain intelligence and talents, but we can also improve on them with hard work and dedication.

Agile Mindset goals:

  • Continually learn new things
  • Embrace uncertainties
  • Confront challenges
  • Learn from mistakes

Most of us start life with a fixed mindset. The transition to an agile one takes time and effort. This process can be a real challenge, but once completed, it becomes an useful habit.

What is agility and how can it be integrated into my everyday life? 

The values and principles of agility are a helpful guide to all possible situations you can encounter in your personal and professional life. Here are some ways, it can help you out:

  • Set your own goals: Setting your own goals helps you to give your life a certain directions. These goals can be short- or long-term.
  • Always stay focused: Focusing on your goals and everyday tasks is a powerful tool to control your emotions and abilities even in the hardest challenges

And what is agilities power over groups? In teams of flexible sizes agility manages to create acceptance and trust. These two are very important for people who want to work together. Agility also promotes better communication and patience in every team member.

“Becoming Agile, moving from individual tasks to team delivery.” – Arie van Bennekum

What is agility? Your key to long-term success!

With the world changing ever faster there needs to be a way for you to change with it. Agility is the way to help you stay focused, flexible and successful. With the right mindset and attitude in place you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to.

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Do you have any questions about what agility is and how to implement it in your personal and professional life? Contact our team, we will be glad to help you out.