Agility benefits

Agility benefits

Digitalisation enables companies and global players to react extremely fast and flexible to developments of any kind. This means that projects need to be adapted throughout their entire course and trends must be taken into consideration quickly so that the project’s progress can be ensured. Agility, or more precisely agile project management, is a key tool to manage all these tasks successfully!
What are the benefits of agility? How can you use the benefits of agility training for your personal advantage? Answers to these and other questions are provided in this blog post!

Let’s start with the basics: What does agile project management stand for? And what are the benefits of agility?

Technological developments are continuously advancing, and teams within the same company are becoming more disjointed. One is based in London, the other in Paris and a third will support the site in Italy. How can you arrange the communication between the teams to be easy and efficient? The answer is clear: through an agile approach based on short communication channels allowing adaptive planning and using all the benefits of agility. Agile project management methods have proven to be successful because they require consistent responsibility from every member of the team and thus leverage every colleague to yield best performance. Hence many benefits of agility become available.

What does that mean in concrete terms? A tool or method such as Scrum is based on a few rules that are easy to understand and quick to implement. Regular meetings should always be transparent for everyone involved and therefor have to clear all backlogs or questions. Another key aspect is the short-term identification of problems – which should bring problems quickly into focus and solve them through prompt action.
The benefits of agility are therefore a mixture of modern organization, the use of technical communication tools and a set of rules that are not too rigid. In the next paragraph you will find out how IFAAI teaches you all the benefits of agility training.

Benefits of agility training: The basis for your success

Many teams are increasingly working in an interdisciplinary way, often recognizable by many new job titles and responsibilities. On the one hand, this expresses the complexity of a modern company structure – on the other hand, it also makes it more difficult to use traditional, rigid methods of project management. One of the benefits of agility is to automatically integrate core elements of Scrum, for example, with all roles, artifacts and events into your daily work. The concept offers a framework with various principles that are structured systematically and holistically.

In short: There is a clear guideline how to go through the steps of the transition. The benefits of agility training are therefore not only of a practical nature (through methods, insights, etc.), but also provide you with a very concrete mindset. And following these logics you will be able to redesign projects and lead them more efficiently.

What does IFAAI offer? We are an established Agile Certification Institute and the first worldwide recognized Meta Certification Institute. We offer our services and knowledge about the benefits of agility to freelancers, employees, and all interested parties. We understand the certification as a key component for a good professional development, which leads to a completely new approach in project management. You want to use the benefits of agility training for yourself? Here you will find all information about our certifications as well as the exams we offer.

Benefits of agility in an overview

Only those who deeply understand the basic principles of agility, actively live them and integrate them into their daily routine can change procedures positively and sustainably. We understand agility as a continuous process that focuses on the essentials. By empowering every member of the team to work in an agile way, we create the foundation for corporate success.
IFAAI thought leader Arie van Bennekum says:

“Becoming Agile means moving from individual tasks to team delivery”.

This means that agile working depends on the entire team. Individuals are important, but a project will only succeed if everyone works together as a unit in an agile manner. You want to know what agility stands for and which agility benefits characterize this methodological approach? Then this overview of the benefits of agility is for you!

– Very few rules, which are easy to understand and can be introduced quickly
– Higher efficiency through a focus on self-organization
– Flexibly adaptable to developments through adaptive planning
– Reduced effort for administration and documentation
– Product features or so-called increments are realized promptly
– Short and direct communication channels

The benefits of agility give you room for continuous improvement. A high level of transparency creates trust and gives you an insight into development stages, so that you can plan your own tasks more efficiently. With the agility ladder benefits as a framework, it is also easier for you to understand the logic of a process.
You want to learn more about our various certifications and exams? Feel free to check out all the other blog posts! Or do you have any questions concerning the benefits of agility? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!