Scrum Master Certification 

SCRUM is the world’s best-known and most widely used agile framework. Especially in complex product developments, the framework unfolds its benefits and ensures continuous learning through empirical process control. By certifying as a Scrum Master you demonstrate that you have understood the core of the framework and are able to fulfill your role as a Scrum Master.

Comptence based

Practice oriented

Agnostic Agile

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Target Group: For anyone in a professional agile environment who is working in the context of Scrum.

No. But strongly recommend to take a scrum master training with one of our partners. The examination it self is based on the compentencies which you can find below.

This exam is a multiple choice online exam. Every question has just one correct answer. You can start one every time 24/7, just make sure you have an enviroment with good internet connection and a quite place for you to take the examination.

You can you all of the notes and trainings materials that you have.

You need 70% correct answers to pass this exam.

The timelimit for this examination is 60 minutes. After the timelimit the exam process will terminated automatically.

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Scrum Master Content & Competencies

Scrum Master Competence Structure


Skill set




  • Values & Principles
  • Agile Methods & Practices
  • Agnostic Agile
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Events & Rituals
  • MVP & Prototyping

Scrum Master Certification with TrueAgile: Making success sustainable!

With Scrum you make a valuable contribution to a more sustainable project management that focuses on the interests of the customer. We at TrueAgile have specialized in accompanying you on this path. With a customized Scrum Master Certification that covers all aspects of this method and teaches it in an innovative way.

Your advantage with a Scrum Master Certificate: TrueAgile is one of the internationally recognized organizations and can rely on countless successful Scrum Master Certifications. We thus offer you the basis for professional, methodical development. Dive into the subtleties of our offer and get to know the most important aspects in the following.

Why Scrum Master Certification? We explain it to you!

More than 90 million people worldwide have proven their Scrum skills in one process or another. The agile method for project management is therefore one of the undisputed market leaders in the agility segment. One reason for this success is the high level of transparency that characterizes the work process as a result of the Scrum Master Certification. All participants are involved in the process, which also results in a high degree of personal responsibility of the respective teams.

The Scrum Master Certification helps you to guide these teams and influence the process in a positive way. It is based on a set of rules that are easy to understand and can be applied to any conceivable situation. In that Increments can be realized promptly, which leads to a much faster theory-practice test. Take advantage of the retrospectives, which you understand as a natural part of the process due to the Scrum Master Certification. In this way, continuous improvements can be implemented that are in the interest of all participants.

Last but not least: With TrueAgile as your partner, you will enjoy a methodically excellent Scrum Master Certification that has been proven many times in practice. Here you can find current information about upcoming trainings as well as further information about them.