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Kanban benefits

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Kanban benefits Robust and reliable production is the backbone of any industrial company. The core idea: by reducing the stock of goods through a permanent outflow, a concrete control system ensures sufficient supply at any point of the process. Kanban is Japanese and can be translated as “card”, it forms the implementation of the pull […]

Design Thinking: Create creative solutions

Design Thinking

Design Thinking seems to be THE innovative, problem-solving method for modern companies. Using so-called design sprints to generate new ideas has helped many companies, such as Google to become more innovative and out-of-the-box. But what actually is Design Thinking and how does it work? In the following we will explain to you the basics of the popular […]

Scrum: How does it work and what can it do?


Scrum is the most popular and well-known agile method. The lion’s share of all agile-managed projects is managed according to Scrum. The rest mostly uses at least aspects of the framework. Scrum reduces complexity and helps teams work more efficiently and achieve better results. By working iteratively, the team revises and omptimizes the product sprint […]