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1. No customer needs to contact the service department for a Level I support case (e.g. Where is my order?")". What would be useful key results for this objective? (Note: We are not necessarily looking for 4 Key Results here).
2. Which statement regarding "Servant Leadership" is correct?
3. If you work with OKRs you work with the so called...
4. In the context of modern management it is important…
5. Which of the listed statement is false?
6. Nobody in the world should have health problems due to a lack of nutrients. This is a…
7. Which statements regarding the history of the management approach are correct?
8. Which of the listed statement is correct?
9. Which of the statements regarding a good corporate vision is correct?
10. Our corporate culture is lived across all locations. - Is this a good objective?
11. What are the requirements for a good objective?
12. Which statements are correct regarding the OKR Alignment?
13. What are the requirements for a good key result?
14. What are the benefits of objectives and key results?
15. OKR is about...?